The relevance of business card printing in a data driven world

business card printing

“Who needs business cards?” That’s the topic of conversation between some young individuals as they post their opinions on twitter.  “Business cards and business card printing is here to stay!”

But are they still relevant? We can recall customers back in the noughties informing us the future were business cards held on mini compact disks. “Just insert the disk into your PC or laptop to read the business card”, they said. Who knew 10 to 15 years on, few would even need such a device for use in the digital environment and that business card printing would still be very much in demand.

Social media can only promote your business so far. Just think of that last networking event, conference or new client meeting, your contact didn’t ask you if you were on LinkedIn or Twitter to start with, they probably asked you for a business card. There is a natural assumption that you will exchange business cards when discussing business at that exhibition for instance. If you don’t have one, you are likely to look pretty amateur and ill-prepared without the aid of business card printing.

There has been little shift in the use of business cards over the years. They are still relevant and more than ever compliment your brand, website and other marketing efforts to act as a personal reflection on you, your business, your products and your service.

Gone are the days when business card printing was just ink on paper. Now people are competing to have unique and powerful cards that not only start conversations but ensure that you are remembered time and time again when someone recalls that introduction. Their purpose is not just to share your contact information, it sets you apart from your competitors and guides your customers to seek further information.

Business cards give the impression you are professional at what you do. Print Worx offer more than just than a simple quick fix business card printing solution. We print hundreds of business cards a month from sturdy matt-laminated cards that stand the test of time, to unique cards with a range of colour foils, embossments, coloured edge printing and a range of boards that will add the wow factor to any introduction. The opportunities are almost limitless.

For samples or to discuss further how our design, corporate identity services and business card printing processes can really help you get noticed, get in contact with us here.

Six points why brochure printing is crucial to your marketing mix

brochure printing

Brochures form an essential part of the marketing mix. In spite of the rising use of website marketing, a beautifully designed brochure is much more of a personal item. With inspiring visual effects and physical touch there are many compelling reasons for companies to include brochure printing in their marketing collateral. Here are six benefits of why brochures are still more important than ever.

  1. A printed brochure is a quick simple way to access information when compared to content or an attachment from an email or a website, whether it’s in a reception of an office, at an event or on the coffee table.
  2. Brochures help generate leads, they are all about personal interaction with the customer, whether it’s at an exhibition, trade show or a sales meeting they are an effective way to compliment any marketing campaign.
  3. Unlike online content, there is a better chance of keeping the reader’s attention for longer, there is no shared advertising and no-one competing for shared space to draw their attention away. The key is to create beautiful design that’s informative and interesting content to help keep the readers undivided attention.
  4. Brochure printing is totally bespoke and is extremely cost-effective when printed in higher volume. The more copies printed the less the cost per copy is reduced, it’s that simple, more for less!
  5. There are also the benefits of totally “blank canvas” when it comes to producing a brochure, practically any size, any shape and any number of pages. They are very versatile and are used for all manners of information – or for promoting products and services. There is no set format, so depending on the budget available you can create a totally unique brochure with a large range of eye catching papers, boards and impressive printing finishes which are not possible to portray on screen.
  6. Armed with a range of unique materials and finishes – it’s possible to attract the attention of potential customers even when on a smaller budget and when producing a brochure for the first time.

Speaking to Print Worx in the infancy of your idea enables us to maximise your possibilities of success. With a qualified marketing professionals, talented graphic designers and a premium quality printing service we can help you leverage the power of brochures as a cost effective part of your marketing mix. Drawing on our years of experience advising business owners and SME’s on their marketing needs, we are far from just printers. To discuss brochure printing further get in touch with us [here].