Letterpress Printing. The birth of printing.

It is hard to believe but letterpress printing has been around since its invention in the 15th century. Over 500 years on and its still a popular choice for creating individual and striking printed items. Letterpress printing is a very individual printing process that requires time, care and attention, in return it delivers beautifully simple and unique results compared to todays litho and digital printing processes.

The process starts with each individual character of chosen type being cut from a metal block which are reusable. The characters or design are then inserted into a bed to form words, sentences and simple designs to complete the desired message. The forme is then inked and pressed onto the paper to transfer the design. Printing using more than one colour involves repeating the process and using just the characters or design of that desired colour to be printed on that particular pass.

So for luxury personalised stationery, whether you require invitations for an important event or embossed wedding invitations that everyone will wow over, give us a call or drop us an email to discuss how we can progress your ideas.

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