If you’re running a complex print operation, ordering and organising everything from business cards to packaging and from multi-part forms to multi-language sales material (or even only a fraction of that), having a professional print consultancy who is steeped in print and creative services will save you enormous amounts of time, energy and make your budget go further.

We have experience in print across a huge range of industry, retail, charity and financial sectors and specialities. We work hard to apply that knowledge and maximise our experience to help our clients get value for money out of their print – and sleep easily at night.


Don’t be frightened by the word ‘audit’ Our objective is to understand properly everything you have printed so that we can recommend fresh ideas and work with you to achieve more efficient print buying, storage and distribution and thereby make savings… and also give you an easier time and release your people for tasks that are relevant to achieving greater business.

Our complete view of the supply chain ensures that our audit process identifies clear areas for improvement, streamlining and re-engineering (if you’ll excuse the management-speak), to ensure that your brand integrity is protected and future material meets the criteria for quality, functionality, delivery and costs that we have agreed upon.


Whether it’s an annual benchmarking exercise or a single print project, our first task is to ensure we understand your business requirements and how your business operates.

Over time, and through growth, many companies we work with find that different parts of their business are acting independently, with differing business practices using lots of different suppliers.

We therefore like to look at, or help you with:

  • Spend analysis – and who buys what.
  • Industry price benchmarking.
  • Supplier audits.
  • New supplier sourcing.
  • Procurement objectives.
  • Change objectives – policy and process.
  • Change implementation plan.
  • Reduction in supply partner relationships.
  • Eliminating duplication.
  • Centralising print procurement.
  • Outsourcing technology and services where appropriate.
  • Reducing administration.
  • Improving brand control, visibility, accuracy and management.

This will help us to find a better way of making your print budget stretch further and bring total coherence to your print and related material.

Yes, we will ask whether there is a more effective way of communicating your message while meeting your brand requirements and operational commitments – because discussing these things together will help your communication objectives in the future.


This approach of evaluation and consultancy is proven and has made noticeable savings for our clients.

Always, though, our advice is user-friendly – we want to help you to get the print you want, on time and with the minimum of fuss so that you and your staff can concentrate on the core of your business.


We’ve talked so far about print – but if appropriate, we can also discuss other aspects of the Print Worx offering: our creative services and our expertise in direct marketing.

The thing about Print Worx is that we know just about everything to do with all aspects of print – and we’d like to share this with you so that you too benefit from better print buying and production.

For print consultancy enquiries just ring our chiswick office on 020 3589 4200.