From pixels to paper, digital print is a cost effective, quick turn-around printing and customisation process for short run, high quality printing. Print Worx Digital Printing London provides fast quick turnaround on last minute printing jobs.

And while litho is commercially economic for print runs from around 1,000 copies, digital comes into its own for anything from a single copy upwards, whether in full colour or black and white.

As digital is a print on demand process, short runs means that fewer copies need to be stored, reducing costs and keeping wastage to a minimum.


Not many people outside the print trade know this, but every sheet printed digitally is unique – not that you can tell if you put them side by side.

This is because unlike litho which uses individual printing plates for each colour, digital uses software to render complete digital images directly on to the press. It’s called variable data printing – which also makes it an environmentally friendly process.

The big benefit is that if you want to, you can personalise every sheet with, for instance, your prospect’s name, an image or a special message that is unique to them.

The same applies to invitations, newsletters, product catalogues and price lists – any changes can be swiftly incorporated in the next printing ensuring a target message is delivered to your recipient.


So, digital offers marketers a means of reaching customers and prospects with highly personalised communications. It can be used to do other things too, including:

  • Personalise coupons and other special offers inside catalogues – digitally prepared coupons from sophisticated database mining that tailors each coupon to its individual recipient’s preferences.
  • Regulatory information, proxy documents and IPO (initial public offering) booklets produced and bound to respond to tight deadlines and limited quantity requirements.
  • Personalised colour documents used by financial services, sales professionals and marketing departments.
  • Covers of presentation boxes, point of sale material and photo books.
  • Data sheets, instruction manuals, price lists, catalogues and stationery.
  • Fine art – archival digital printing on to photo, watercolour or other special papers using special pigment based inks.
  • Banners and other display material.


As with all print processes, what appeals about them isn’t necessarily straightforward to turn into the finished job you have in mind.

Because we know almost everything there is to know about digital print – and how to manage all the elements from creating the ideas to delivering the job – we know we can save time without compromising on a quality product.

In addition, with digital offering the potential of so much personalisation for each job – whether personalised data or updating, for instance, product brochures – managing this work, creating the artwork, looking after the databases, ordering the correct amount and delivering it at the right time to the right people is area where Print Worx has significant expertise… ready and waiting for you to use.

So if you need a quality short run printed product within a short period of time we can help.

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