Your company’s name and trademarks are your most valuable asset. They are what separates your company or charity from your rivals and is a big factor when customers are out shopping, engineers are specifying and good people are giving.

You need to be able to rely on a supplier who can help you to manage the integrity of your brand – in the world of print, where the end result is there for all to see, it’s no use relying on someone who ‘just prints it’.



Using Print Worx to manage your print will be a smart move.

Every step of the print process is equally important in delivering quality communications to your customers and protecting your brand.

In all the stages outlined below, we know what is good and what is bad, what will get you a job you’ll be proud of and what won’t. Using Print Worx is a guarantee of solid, honest advice and a quality outcome.

It starts with the design of the piece and understanding both how the brand should be used and portrayed and how the technical aspects of the project are going to be realised. A simple A4 flyer is, well, simple, but a die cut folder, for instance, requires much more thought and experience – as do things like signs, banners and exhibition stand graphics.

Moving on – good artwork, graphics and photography are really crucial to quality printing, for a printer can only print what he is given and no amount of tweaks on the press will disguise a low resolution photograph or a pixelated logo.

Once you’ve approved the artwork and all the images, then until you see a proof, things are totally out of your hands – and this is where we, as an experienced print management company, have a very important part to play.

We know how pre-press, the paper, the ink on the paper (or other material), the way the presses are configured and the entire finishing process can make or break a project and have a substantial impact on quality and costs.


What does all this add up to?

Helping you to manage the visual aspects of your brand successfully. It moves things on from a piece of print – and equally from other parts of the marketing mix such as direct mail shots – to quality control, confidence and reliability.

Let’s sit down and discuss this in more detail. We’re here to help you in whatever form it best suits you. Apart from the classic print management role – looking after all aspects of your print buying to save you time and money – we can help with creative services, direct marketing and other graphic requirements.

We can also help you to control and manage documents, logos and imagery – in central locations to give you visibility of what you have, and your colleagues and suppliers access to the correct elements should they need them ..

To discuss brand management and our print management services contact our chiswick office on 020 3589 4200.