People would believe that print advertising isn’t going to work in today’s digital age but we think otherwise.

Studies have shown that people are 70 percent more likely to remember business seen in print compared to online. 

As a business, you must know your target audience and how they prefer to receive information about your product or service. For instance, luxury consumers will still value adverts in major publications and glossy magazines because these channels are tangible. On the other hand, if your product or service is location driven then print advertising is key in the local area to your business using the likes of printed flyers to get your message out to the local area. 

Print should also compliment your digital activity. For instance, a print advert should encourage your reader to interact with the brand online as this will benefit both channels and build trust with your potential customer.

Ways to measure the effectiveness of print advertising

Ways to measure the effectiveness of print advertising 

  • Survey the customers to find out how they heard about your company. By providing the customer with specific dropdown options you can monitor how many customers choose your printed advert. 
  • Use tracking telephone numbers. Add specific telephone enquiry numbers to printed leaflets so when potential customers call to book on the telephone you can measure how many came from that printed leaflet campaign. 
  • Create unique landing pages on your website. Include a specific landing page URL on your print adverts so you can easily see how many people looked at your poster, banner, billboard or print advert. 
  • Use promotional codes or special offers. Flyers and vouchers are perfect for customers to receive a discount. These can be handed out to customers at trade shows or sent in the post to existing customers. 

At Print Worx, we believe the secret of success is having an integrated marketing campaign that will bring together the best of both worlds – print and digital. 

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