Offline marketing is having a comeback and we feel that it has always played a part in any marketing strategy.

Today’s market sees more opportunities for innovative offline marketing tactics to compliment digital efforts resulting in better results. 

At Print Worx, we believe that offline marketing does work and many of our clients agree. Firstly, some of you may be wondering what is the definition of offline marketing?

We define it as marketing that uses media channels outside of the internet space, for example, posters, radio, leaflets, print media and television adverts. 

Offline marketing is a fantastic way for companies to get their message out there. Some of our clients use this method of marketing at events or trade shows.

Print Marketing Pantone Colours

Having printed materials for events can ensure relationships are developed within your industry, you communicate with potential customers and help sell your product or service. Offline marketing allows you to ‘leave’ a lasting message about your business. 

When you think of print materials such as business cardsbrochures and leaflets – these provide a bigger impact than an email that may never be delivered or read for that matter. 

When to use offline marketing

When to use offline marketing? 

In order to know when to use offline marketing, you need to know what is best for your business. Online marketing does not work for every business.

As marketers, we believe that offline marketing is underrated and some regard it as ‘dead’ but it can provide credibility where the internet doesn’t always achieve this. 

Knowing your audience is also essential and businesses must be aware that online marketing, no matter how effective it is, can fail at some points. Therefore, offline marketing can plug this gap and printed materials can assist in building trust and relationships with your customers. 

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