Choosing the right printing company is so important because the materials that are produced represent your company’s marketing efforts and reflect your brand. 

Choosing the right printing company

Quality of the work 

Many printing companies showcase their sample of work on their website but sometimes it can be a good idea to meet with the printing company so you can see and feel the quality of the print. After all the quality of the final print will impact your brand so it needs to give a lasting impression and have a high-quality finish. 

Don’t sacrifice quality for price 

Linking with the first tip, we would advise you not to sacrifice quality for price. If this takes place then the standard of the print will reflect badly on your brand. Low-cost usually means low-quality. We would recommend finding a printing company that can provide you with a full print estimate that offers a good quality service and value for money. 

Printing Prices

What is their customer service like? 

When you communicate with your printer, you should expect to receive a level of professionalism. Communication is key when placing an order with a printing company as they will need to understand exactly what you require. A good printing company will also keep you informed of the progress of your print job and any changes to your order if these should occur. 

How reliable are they?

It is so important to find out if your products will be delivered in time. Therefore ask the printing company what their turnaround times are like. At Print Worx, as a general guide, we expect a turnaround time for printing of 48 hours to 5 working days for business stationery, leaflets, brochures and posters. Be sure to communicate with the printing company if you have any tight deadlines and they should be able to tell you if they can meet these. 

Established Printing company

Look into the reputation of the printer

The right printing company will usually have been established for quite some time, meaning they have built a reputation and know the industry well. Reviews of a company will also tell you if the company is credible and trustworthy. At the end of the day you need to feel happy and trust that your print job will be delivered at a high standard, on time. 

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