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Presentation Folder Printing is a fantastic way of keeping lots of information in one place. Used most commonly in businesses, charities and educational institutions, presentation folders are a useful tool across a range of industry sectors. Corporate folders or marketing folders are ideal for sales meetings and promotional folders at exhibitions and events. Whatever your needs we will have a solution for you.

Presentation Folder Printing

Printing your own bespoke presentation folders can be a more cost effective and a far more personal way to provide your customer with information than a brochure. The information you enclose within a bespoke presentation folder is personal to the customer, and only contains the information relevant to their needs. This means the information is far more targeted and there is no need to browse an entire brochure to find exactly what you are looking for.


Bespoke Presentation Folders

Whether it’s a brand launch, a sales meeting or you wish to give an interested party further information after a demonstration at an event; you can include a whole host of items within a bespoke presentation folder such as a covering letter, flyers, brochures, postcards and offers. Everything is all in one place ready for when your customer is ready to think of you and make a decision.

Marketing Folders

Promotional folders are ideal for sending information via the post. These sturdy card folders ensure their contents arrive with your receipt undamaged and in perfect condition, just as intended. Due to their longevity and ability to be filed away neatly, the chances are they will stay with your customer far longer than a brochure.

Our presentation folder printing services are totally bespoke. Generally, these are produced in an oversize A4 format, we can accommodate many different features specific to your needs. Below we have included a number of considerations which should help you decide what is likely to be of importance when you are considering bespoke presentation folders.

Printed Promotional Folders

Depending on the amount of literature you intend to include within the folder, we can undertake presentation folder printing with or without a capacity to the pocket and the spine. We can incorporate business card slits for corporate folders and marketing folders. There are many print finishing options available such as matt lamination, spot varnish which is particularly popular if you intend to use promotional folders as part of your marketing campaign.

Further consideration should be given the board thickness and the type of finish you require. We have an entire range of gloss, silk, uncoated and premium boards depending on who your folder is intended for.

Recycled Printed Folders

Our design team are on-hand to offer creative services for any bespoke presentation folder. Whether it’s folders with a company logo or an in-depth launch of a new product line, we are able to create an entirely new concept or work within your corporate guidelines.

So whether you need corporate folders or promotional folders for a new campaign – our team is available for your presentation folder printing needs! Just get in touch with us, give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to discuss how we can produce a striking bespoke presentation folder for your business.

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