You can thoroughly rely on Print Worx to help you to see through a print campaign from the start to the finish. We understand the complexities of marketing campaigns and brand promotion and protection.

On many, many occasions, we’ve been responsible for running entire campaigns, taking in all the detail from the dealer invites to fulfilling the prospect’s response – so we know what to do and where to go to get the right services at the best prices.


A key part of successful print campaigns is to understand your businesses and your brand objectives, to work together as a collaborative and dynamic team, to develop the project brief and if appropriate take ownership of the campaign to ensure a successful outcome that is on time, to budget and delivers the results you expect.

Any project in the print and related industries involves a multitude of tasks – as project managers, we are experienced in dealing with ‘classics’, including:

  • Problematic and/or late artwork and photography.
  • Dealing with last minute changes.
  • Sourcing and ensuring availability of paper.
  • Scheduling and re-scheduling print slots.
  • Ensuring that databases are clean, matched and useable.
  • Working with several suppliers to bring a project together on time.
  • Organising deliveries with postal and courier companies.
  • Seeing that all the fulfilment components are in place for rapid response to enquiries.


Good project management inspires confidence in you as our client, in our suppliers and, ultimately, your prospects who will respond by buying from you.

To discuss our project management services, ring our Chiswick office on 020 3589 4200.