Direct mail is a form of direct marketing where a product or service is promoted through a variety of printed advertising materials, which are directly posted to a business or consumer.

It is a crucial part of the marketing mix because it has longevity so can yield a higher response rate than email campaigns, mainly because of the benefit of an interactive and tactile relationship with the recipient.

At Print Worx, we know that offline marketing is making a comeback and today’s market sees more opportunities for innovative offline marketing tactics to compliment digital efforts.

As a full-service printer, we can deliver a direct mail campaign from conception to delivery giving our customers a valuable service to drive product releases and seasonal promotions. Our mailing and fulfilment service coincides with our creative and print solutions, making the whole process seamless for our customers. 

Direct Mail Printing

Our direct mail printing services include:

Graphic design for print

Our in-house design team opens up a gateway to produce a campaign from conception, through strategy to print. Our team of professionals will speak with you to create a bespoke direct mail campaign, provide ideas and advise tactics to optimise your return on investment.

From design to print and mailing we handle the entire project. More about this service can be found here

Letter mailing services

Should you have a file or artwork ready for print. Provide us with your document to be printed, your database and we will print, fulfil and mail your letters to your chosen recipients directly using one of our mailing providers.  

Mail merge printing services

You provide us with your database and we will personalise your covering letter to your recipient.

We even produce personalised print. This allows you to change images, text or the design on entire brochures, postcards, inserts, leaflet and flyers to ensure you target services or offers to specific segments of your client base.

Direct Mail Fulfilment Services

Database Cleansing

If you have a large database or want to avoid the time and cost of verifying your data is fresh, we provide a database cleansing service.

We check your data against various official consumer or business marketing databases such as Experian. Doing so will help improve the quality by highlighting gone aways, duplicates, deceased leads. The result is an up to date database and reduced mailing and postage costs.

Direct Mail Fulfilment

One of the most time-consuming parts of a direct mail campaign is fulfilment. Whether it’s a letter and a business reply envelope or multiple inserts consisting of brochures, vouchers and multiple personalised items we can help.

Our fulfilment team can camera match items, enclose, pack and post everything efficiently and cost effectively under one roof ready for postage.

Direct Mail Postal Services

Print Worx conducts business with specifically selected postal providers including Royal Mail. We provide admail, mailsort, packpost services which provide our clients with postal discounts.

From single lightweight letters to packaged boxes we’ve saved our clients from hundreds to thousands on the cost postage. Depending on the size of your mailing, the weight and the quality of the data to hand depends on qualifying discounts.

The cost of direct mail marketing can vary mainly due to the different elements involved in the process. We like to speak to our customers to obtain a clear understanding of their requirements and what level of service we need to provide before providing a full quote.

If you are interested in our direct mail printing services then please get in touch to find out how we can meet your direct mail printing requirements.

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