Each day offers new opportunities to make a difference however small. The chance to do great things seldom come our way.

By proactively choosing FSC sustainably sourced paper, recyclable paper, vegetable-based inks and biodegradable laminates providing environmentally friendly printing methods, we can choose to make those differences which all add up over time.

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Print Worx is an environmentally friendly printing company committed to providing you with high quality sustainable printing services.

We provide our customers a range of recycled and FSC papers and are proactive when it comes recycling material waste.

Our focus is to enhance our customers awareness of the environmental changes that can be made when printing, which focus on their project needs.

  • Tailored options to achieve best environmentally friendly printing
  • Volume variation to achieve cost savings of printed products to minimise waste
  • Advice and ideas on printing formats for better efficiency
  • Calculations to better understand environmental CO2 impacts

We proactively work to reduce waste materials and maximise the resources and work to achieve ISO 14001 environmental management system standards.

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Environmentally Friendly Paper

Choose from a range of environmentally friendly paper types made from part or 100% recycled post-consumer waste which is chlorine free and not manufactured using toxic bleaching agents.

  • Carbon Neutral Uncoated Recycled Paper
  • Recycled Paper
  • Coated Recycled Paper
  • Specialist Recycled Papers
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Environmentally Friendly Printing Inks

We use vegetable or soy-based inks which have less impact on the environment compared to tradition ink which were petrol or mineral oil based – toxic to the atmosphere and harmful to dispose of.

Environmentally friendly printing inks are also biodegradable and low vapour emissions making recycling that much easier.

Biodegradable Laminates

Most of us are recycling more. In a world where the impacts of plastic are becoming more apparent it’s understandable lamination is a cause for concern.

Print Worx offers environmentally friendly lamination options made from refined wood pulp sourced from SFI managed forests. Available in gloss, matt or satin – the laminate also looks and feels the same as traditional laminate.

It is easily recyclable and can be disposed for recycling using the current re-pulping methods making it an environmentally friendly print finishing option.

Sustainable Forestry

Whether you are a charity or large corporate with environmental target to achieve,
Print Worx provide tailored print solutions.

We can offer you the advice needed and work with you meet your objectives.

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