What are cutter guides?

A cutter guide is a key line drawing usually produced as an additional layer or drawn over the top of the artwork to indicate where the cutting and creasing lines will appear one the produced once it is printed and die cut.

Cutter guides are used in the process of producing simple and complex printed items. From round cornered business cards and swing tags to door hangers, presentation folders, point of sale items and other packaging.

Why are cutter guides needed

Why is a cutter guide needed?

A cutter guide is essential to ensure the correct tooling (cutting block) can be made to complete the die cutting of your desired product.

How long do cutting blocks take to produce?

Consideration must be given to time and cost when embarking on a die cut project. It can take a number of days for the bespoke tooling to be made, so this should be factored in to your delivery deadline.

Die cutting block Print Worx

How much does a cutting block cost?

The tool can be costly depending on the complexity of the size and shape of the cutter required, so it is always best to discuss with your printer first.

The cutting tool will be absorbed into the cost of the printing printed project. If small volumes are required it can often skew the cost per copy compared larger volumes, because the origination set up costs are much higher.

Cutter Guide Savings

How can I avoid the cost of the cutter?

Print Worx has a range of cutter guides already created to save our clients time and money. We can provide these enabling you to design your artwork to our guidelines. The standing cutters are already held by us, thus eliminating the cost.

Print Worx has numerous folder cutter guides to choose from whether it be capacity or non capacity folders.

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