We are often asked to give a paper weight comparison and explain different paper weight options for printing customers orders.

Be it a leaflet, brochure, magazine, or direct mail campaign. In fact, whatever the printing requirement everyone likes an informed choice to manage their expectations.

Here we explain paper weight comparison between various printed items so you can better understand the options.

What paper or board you should use for what products?. Below is a useful paper weight chart with paper weights explained for some of the most common printed items you are likely to need for your business marketing purposes. With clear paper weight comparisons, so that when you decide to print your material you can be sure you have made the right decision.

Paper Weights Explained

Paper and Board is measured in Grams per Square Meter hence the abbreviation of GSM. This refers to how much one sheet of paper weights that measures 1m x 1m. Commercial printing equipment is generally able to print using digital and lithographic printing process from about 60gsm to 400gsm depending on the printing press. Letterpress for luxury invitations is capable of printing 600gsm and more.

As a guide here are some of the most common paper weights by printed product.

Paper Weight Guide | Paper Weight Comparison
Paper Weight Guide from paper to board indicating paper weight comparison for the most common printed products. By Print Worx

Paper Weight Comparisons.

Paper weight is measured from below 60 gsm to 170 gsm.

60 gsm – 70 gsm paper

  • Carbon Copy, NCR Sets, stickers, Labels, budget magazines (such as govt or local authority newsletters)

80 gsm paper

  • Basic letters (copying paper), direct mail carrier sheets.

100 gsm – 120g paper

  • Standard to Premium stationery such as Letterheads and Compliment Slips, Envelope material

130g gsm – 150gsm paper

  • Flyers, Leaflets, Posters, Sales Brochures, Newsletters, Internal Pages of magazines

170 gsm paper

  • Good quality Flyers, Leaflets, Brochure covers and posters

Board weight is measured from above 170 gsm to 400 gsm and above.
( Paper stock above 170 gsm needs to be scored if folded to stop the spine from cracking / splitting when folded )

200 gsm – 300 gsm board

  • Premium flyers, leaflets, Good quality brochure covers,

320 gsm – 350 gsm board

  • Business Cards, excellent quality flyers and leaflets, point of sale material, presentation folders

400 gsm board

  • Good quality business cards, point of sale material, invitations, presentation folders

450 gsm board

  • Premium business cards, invitations,

600 gsm

If you wish to discuss any alternative paper or board not included in the above have any further questions, please enquire about our bespoke ranges.

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