Commercial Printing Company Vs Online Printing Company. What is the difference and which one is right for you?

One of the questions we sometimes get asked is, “Why should we work with you?”

It’s a good question to ask in such a crowded market place, with easy access to online print, and value for money high up on the agenda. It’s a tough question to answer for any commercial printing company not in the online printing game.

Print Worx is not an online printer, we offer more bespoke commercial printing services. However, we will attempt to address this question as impartially as possible, to help you make an informed decision as to which option works best for your needs.

Commercial Printing Company Vs Online Printing Company

Whether it’s printing a couple of posters, a few brochures, a magazine or even a catalogue that’s then direct mailed, products and services will be your first consideration, which if you are reading at this point, you will no doubt have already made.

One of the next most important choices is deciding on the product specification and who fits the bill to win your order. Ask yourself the following:

  • How many copies do I want? (Volume, Quantity)
  • What size? (A4, A5, etc)
  • Do I want a specific paper or board?
  • How many pages?
  • Full colour, specific pantone colours or both?
  • Stapled, Folded or none of these?

Research your options.

The specification, the volume and more importantly the look and feel of your printed masterpiece can be just as important as the message you intend to portray. For this reason, it is worth taking your time to research which company is best for your printing needs. Ask yourself, what can they offer as an overall package to ensure the result and delivery is as intended?

Also be sure to fully research the paper or board options available to you for printing your literature. There are two options easily available in all research instances as per the title of this article, Online Printing Company or Commercial Printing Company. What is the difference and which one is right for you?

Online Print Companies

During your research you will see various online print companies such as vista print, solopress, helloprint etc all offering products which may very well fit your requirements. We will be the first to admit that pricing can be key for some customers and these guys do a very good job at meeting those needs. A commercial printing company is simply unable to compete.

You will find google ads offering brochures from as little as 2p per copy and flyers for a fraction of that, but what you need to ask yourself is, will this be right for me?

There can be limitations to the types of paper, with only the most commercially common materials available such as gloss or silk. Some of the paper weights may have been omitted giving you fewer options that you may find elsewhere, so they may not cater for your specific needs.

Prices in the online market are highly competitive and by limiting the papers available, the chances are the customer will make compromises, opting for what is on offer and thus many similar orders will stream through to the printer at once

This means the printer can print multiple jobs at once and thus split the cost across all the orders. Who wins? The customer of course! As long as they are happy with limited paper options, are generally looking for smaller volumes and are content with a more mainstream product. If that’s you then could have found yourself the ideal print partner and you may not need to read any further.

Commercial Printing Company

Commercial printing companies offer an entire range of paper stocks from across the portfolio of paper merchants, UK wide. As well as the mainstream gloss, silk and uncoated papers there are a wealth of specialist papers available. For instance, check out GF Smith Paper for a great range for a premium luxury paper and boards.

Whilst many commercial printing companies will be happy to price and compete with online printing (as we are often asked to do) they will be more suited at the bespoke end of the spectrum, where the magic really comes into a league of its own.

Commercial Printing companies will be in a better position to take on high volumes of more standardised orders than an online business, since they can be more suited to higher volume work, especially the more complex the job becomes.

If colour is important to you and you need to specify individual Pantone colours, metallic inks or varnishes, you will find it much easier to work with a commercial printer than the online equivalent, who are much less flexible to change.

If you have any one of number of following specific needs, such as many marketing and design agencies often do, a commercial printing company may be a better print partner for you.

  • High volume printing
  • Specific colours requirements
  • Customised paper and/or board needs
  • Bespoke Number of Pages
  • Complex Folding Options
  • Unique Size Printing Job
  • Finishing Options, such as specific die cutting, folders, foiling, laminates and varnishes.
  • Personalised print, messages, images, etc
  • Multi items that require finishing for mailings
  • Direct Mail campaigns & Postal facilities
  • Poly wrapping, envelope insertion and labelling
  • Any other bespoke requirements

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