How much do business cards cost and why?

How much do business cards cost

One of the first questions potential business card customers ask us is: How much do business cards cost? In short the cost can vary from a few pounds to hundreds of pounds, depending on quality and the finishes required.

Whilst there are a number of ways this question can be answered, We will try and do our best here to explain some general pricing guidelines, the options and further considerations available to you in a few minutes.

The relevance of business card printing in a data driven world

business card printing

“Who needs business cards?” That’s the topic of conversation between some young individuals as they post their opinions on twitter.  “Business cards and business card printing is here to stay!”

But are they still relevant? We can recall customers back in the noughties informing us the future were business cards held on mini compact disks. “Just insert the disk into your PC or laptop to read the business card”, they said. Who knew 10 to 15 years on, few would even need such a device for use in the digital environment and that business card printing would still be very much in demand.