Promotional flyer printing; it’s creative form and finding the right supplier to achieve your goals, could be one of the most important business decisions you have to make.

Here we discuss promotional flyer printing as a creative form of advertising and why choosing the right print supplier is key to your success.

So, you’re organising an event, launching a new product range or are excited about your new business or service that’s going to be better than your competitors. It has taken you hours of time, effort and smart grafting.

But how are your potential customers going to find out about it? And when they do, what will their first impressions be? As we all know, first impressions are key!

Here are two important considerations when using promotional flyer printing for your event, product or service or in-fact anything you like!

There is no restriction on your creativity, so make sure the end result reflects this.

There is no rule book with promotional flyer printing, you choose the design, the message and how you want to gain the attention of your audience or you can obtain the help and advice of a talented graphic designer. Your flyer can be any number of shapes and sizes but generally A4 and A5 give the ideal space for highlighting your text, images and your call to action. Print your promotional message on both sides and you have double the advertising for literally no additional cost! Where can you find that online? You also have the option to use various papers and boards from gloss, silk, matt and uncoated, making your promotional flyer unique to your audience. Finally consider adding some great print finishing processes such as gloss laminate or a matt laminate for a silky smooth touch with a spot UV varnish to give an eye catching finish.

Promotional Flyer Printing provides a Tangible message, so quality is paramount.

First impressions are so important. If you have managed to hand your promotional flyer to a potential customer, you are halfway to reaching your goal. To obtain the final half you need your potential customer to action to your message, this where the quality of your promotional flyer is highly important. We’ve met many customers who have been to a local copying shop or a high street printer and are unhappy with what has been produced on a copier or photocopying machine. Print is not just print and the equipment used to produce it vary, impacting the quality of the end result. If your print supplier is unable to produce top quality printed literature at competitive prices, you should change. This should not be negotiable since your entire promotion is at stake.

If you are looking for a quality and cost effective promotional flyer printing campaign speak to Print Worx. We have years of experience in designing flyers and ensuring the printed result meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.

If you would like a sample pack contact us here and we will be happy to show you the results of how some of our other customers have made a success or the promotional flyer printing campaigns.

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