Many hands make light work. Sending mailings with half a dozen inserts, personalised items and return envelopes can be time consuming and fiddly.

This is why it’s essential to work with a printer that knows how to streamline the entire process.

Case Study

World Horse Welfare, founded in 1927, is a charity that helps abused and neglected horses gain a second chance in life. It has four recovery and rehabilitation centres in the UK, while it also provides veterinary care abroad.

World Horse Welfare wanted to send 50,000 mailings to promote its work, increase awareness on the abuse of horses and attract donations.

However, with each envelope containing a lot of inserts and small items, its mailings were typically complicated to manage and expensive to produce.

It asked Print Worx for our suggestions on how it could make the process smoother.

Turning a trot into a canter

Our team reviewed the charity’s previous print campaigns to see where cost savings could be found. From a detailed analysis, we identified how to streamline World Horse Welfare’s print and mailing operation.

Its printing needs included 50,000 copies of its 32 page glossy A4 magazine.

The charity also needed 80,000 personalised raffle tickets in four different colours, a covering letter in four different colours, various other leaflets and a C4 outer envelope in two spot colours.

The entire package then needed to be sent with a personalised letter, which was camera matched with the raffle tickets to ensure accuracy during enclosure, and a reply envelope.

This was a lot to include; however, with our experience of managing multipart mailings, we knew how to manage the workflow so that the campaign could be packaged on schedule.

£176,000 raised from one mailing

We ran fulfilment from two databases through our mailing software for improved data accuracy.

Using our preferential rates with the Royal Mail, the entire project was then mailed worldwide and successfully raised £176,000 from generous donors.

World Horse Welfare’s Edie said, “Our mailings have always proven to be an effective way of spreading awareness and reaching donors all over the world. We were very impressed with how Print Worx was able to analyse our mailings in detail to find ways of saving money and was able to make the process much smoother. The big bump in donations was a wonderful surprise too!

Print Worx – a safe pair of hands

Whether you need advice on budgeting, the best way of creating campaigns with multiple parts or how to how best to manage fulfilment, Print Worx is always ready to help.

We eliminate the complexity to ensure every campaign is smooth and profitable. Get in touch to discuss your campaign objectives for a clear assessment on how we can help.

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